Monday, December 16


Before heading back to Managua, Sarita, the nanny who works with my co-workers from AMC in Kukra River invited me to eat lunch and visit her family at her house in Bluefields. 

It was a sacred afternoon- eating yummy chicken, fried plantains  and rice. Don't forget the CoCa.

I spent a month living with Sarita in Kukra River and she always talked about her family and her beautiful house.

It was such an honor to spend the afternoon chatting and munching on some delicious food.

I also concluded my time in Bluefields by spending the night at Berja's house with the two Norwegian volunteers and our friend Kesly. Berja and the Norwegians are involved in an exchange program called Communication for Change through the Norwegian Church. AMC helps support and provide experiences for these young people. Anna and Andreas just finished their 3 months in Nicaragua and Berja will leave for Norway on Jan. 1.

I flew back to Managua with the Norwegians and Belinda picked us up in the AMC "ambulance".  Belinda is the long-term United Methodist missionary who has worked for AMC for over 20 years. 

Sarah, the other Mission Intern was also traveling back to Managua on the same day, so she also joined us on the trip back from the airport.

The day after we arrived back to Managua, AMC held the annual Christmas party. It was extra pretty this year because the party was arranged outside instead of the cramped auditorium. 

Dra. Teresa Bobadilla is the big boss lady for AMC. She is the Director for the entire organization and a wonderful person to know. 
A few AMC workers had prepared a few Christmas Hymns to share at the party. 
Then, we played our secret santa game and each person had to give the audience clues as to who was their secret santas. 

Sarah left for the States on Saturday after serving in Nicaragua for 10 months. Also, the two Norwegians  left today. I will be in Nicaragua for about one month and a half longer. As I am facing this transitioning time and as we approach Christmas time, I really miss my family; however, I also feel overwhelmingly grateful. I will have over a month to reflect on my time here, remember the inspiring people I have met, cope with the challenges I have seen, and praise God for baby Jesus. 

I hope you all find joy and peace in this holiday season. 

With love, Whitney

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