Other Blogs

my friend Bethany shares about her work & everyday life working in international development within Nicaragua

two married friends who work in Nicaragua with the Mennonite Central Committee share their experiences

friends in Nicaragua taking pictures of everyday life

cupcakes, sprinkles, and other happy things
Jenny Simmons is a Christian singer & amazing writer

Fellow Missionaries

different Mission Fellows share recipes, stories, pontifications about their mission experiences

the adventure continues
Diamond Pate is my co-worker here at the Hinton Center

Jerrica Becker - serving in Georgia at Murphy Harpst

Elaine LaVan- Serving: the Women’s Shelter at the Navajo United Methodist Center in New Mexico

Darlene Logston- gardening to prevent hunger

Anna Gill- from Grenada to Miami

April English- from Uruguay to Georgia

Love Daroy- from Grenada back to the Phillipines

Erica Oliveira- from the Ukraine to Miami

Hillary Taylor- from South Africa to Miami

Kaite Davis- from Hong Kong to Dallas

Tiffania Willetts- from Argentina to Missouri

Becky Dean-from Ecuador to Alabama

ellie wise
Laura Wise- from the Phillipines to Manhattan

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