Sunday, December 25

Merry Christmas!

Glory to God in the heavenly heights,
   Peace to all men and women on earth who please him

Mary kept all these things to herself, holding them dear, deep within herself. The sheepherders returned and let loose, glorifying and praising God for everything they had heard and seen. It turned out exactly the way they'd been told!

Tuesday, December 13

Tuesday Night Tunes

N'Sync. Classic.

Relient K- I Celebrate the Day
Christmas at Hogwarts
Weezer- Christmas Celebration
Third Day- O Holy Night

Monday, December 5

Winter Is Upon Us....Finally

Today, down here in good ole' North Texas it finally felt like winter. If I'm correct I think the high was 42 Fahrenheit. That's a big deal for us Texans right now, because it has been hot forever. I'm happy to now experience actual winter weather. Hopefully, we don't have another 75 degree day on Christmas Day. It just makes the holidays feel strange.

It also cracks me up that we have about a three week autumn season. At last, the leaves are looking all bright and beautiful with deep oranges, shiny yellows, and dark reds. However, it won't be long till we just have naked trees.

As I was driving home in the yucky weather from teaching today, the bright leaves still stood out despite the gloominess and the rain. It reminded me of a story involving a tree.

On Sunday, I attended a bible study with a good friend and the good people of Grace Christian Church. The discussion involved the topic of change. During the study/discussion we focused on the story in Luke about Zaccheus (Luke 19:1-12).

It seems like a simple enough story. This little dude with a crazy awesome name and bad reputation climbs up a tree, simply so he can see Jesus over the crowd. Jesus sees Zaccheus. Jesus tells Zaccheus, "Hey let's grab some grub at your place". Zaccheus and Jesus go to Z's house together. Zaccheus is a changed man. The end.

After listening and adding to the discussion, here are some things I remembered from the study as I drove past the beautiful trees.

Zaccheus took great initiative to see Jesus. He climbed an entire tree. Most of the time that's not an easy task, plus people were probably put out by what he did. Chief tax collectors should not be climbing trees. Yet, Zaccheus seems to urgently want to see Jesus. Out of all people, we don't know why Zaccheus is so eager, but in the end  meeting Jesus changes Z's life around. Zaccheus eagerly put effort into climbing each branch in order to be changed. After he put in effort, after Zaccheus seeked Jesus; Jesus met his efforts and called Zaccheus down from the tree.

Zaccheus becomes a new man in Christ. New. Changed.... similar to the autumn leaves.

Anxiousness can overcome a person when climbing a tree. We just want to get to the top. I'm sure Zaccheus felt quite anxious as he climbed to see Jesus. His eager climbing and anxiousness was finally met by seeing Jesus and Jesus calling his name.

Similar to Zaccheus...
We strive. We wait. We seek. We prepare.
...Then Jesus arrives. He is born. 
We are changed.

This season, as many of you anxiously await the birth of Christ, strive to let Christ change you.

Sunday, December 4

Those Christmas lights
Light up the street
Down where the sea and city meet
May all your troubles soon be gone
Oh Christmas lights, keep shining on

I hope everyone can find some light during this holiday season.