Monday, February 27

Cowboy Church

This past Sunday I had a brand new experience. I attended my very first service at a cowboy church. I overnight babysat for Colby & Taylor and took them to their "regular" cowboy church on Sunday morning. If you want to experience something pretty unique to Texas, go to a cowboy church.

 From the moment I walked in the door to the moment we walked back to the car, I had a smile on my face, I think, because the whole experience seemed so unique to me. I stepped into another culture for the day. Sure, I love going two-stepping (country dancing) and I used go quite often, but to attend a church based on the cowboy culture is different. One can expect cowboy things at a rodeo or a dance hall, but uncommonly at a church.

The church building looks like a huge barn; it's made out of metal siding and roofing. The posts as you walk into the church are made out of cedar. No, the inside doesn't look like a rodeo arena, instead it is quite similar to a new church sanctuary. However,  barbed wire and tin star decorations decorate the walls. Several crosses also hang on the walls and are surrounded by barbed wire.

Almost everyone in the congregation wears cowboy gear; hats, belt buckles, boots, the whole outfit. The praise band on that day was bluegrass and included a stand up bass, banjo, mandolin, and more.  The preacher had a huge, fluffy handle bar mustache resting on his face and spoke with a hard Texas twang. All I could do was smile!

Leaving the service I noticed how the parking lot was full of big ole' trucks. Made me smile.

Attending a cowboy church doesn't get any more Texas than that!

Sunday, February 19

Sick of Sarcasm

Part of the answer might come from an interesting thought a friend related to me. “Show me a sarcastic person,” he said, “and I will show you a wounded person. And I can tell you where their wound is too.”


Wednesday, February 1

"Three Words and Jay-Z"

“Great rap should have all kinds of unresolved layers that you don’t necessarily figure out the first time you listen to it. Instead it plants dissonance in your head. You can enjoy a song that knocks in the club or has witty punch lines the first time you hear it. But great rap retains mystery. It leaves sh*t rattling around in your head that won’t make sense till the fifth or sixth time through. It challenges you.

. . . People don’t bother trying to get it. The problem isn’t in the rap or the rapper or the culture. The problem is that so many people don’t even know how to listen to the music.”
—Jay Z, De-coded
 Read the article here!